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Composer & Musician

Matthew  Spencer Music

Matthew is a talented composer. He plays piano and trumpet. He has composed and arranged original music for Jazz Big Band as well as other ensembles.

Matthew has also written Christian songs, and he worships weekly with Inner Court Worship in Longmont, Colorado.


JAZZ #2: Gaining Ground


Matthew's latest EP is available on Amazon. Welcome to the magical, musical world of Matthew Spencer! Matthew and his Trumpet Commandos are "Gaining Ground" in his latest studio release "Jazz #2". This Colorado jazz composer (hailing from Longmont) writes in a style that is joyful, exuberant, and imaginative. Matthew's music is a delightful fusion of styles: imagine Chuck Mangione meets Yanni. The titles include "Introducing Trumpet Commandos", "Congo", "Flight of the Toucans", "Legend of the Thunderbirds", and "Self Control" (from his 9 part Spirit Fruit Jazz Suite). We know you'll love every minute of it!

Matthew Spencer Jazz #1


This album features the original music of Colorado Jazz Composer Matthew Spencer. The titles include Think Tank, Flight of the Toucans, and Dance, Flamingo! Performed by Just For Kicks Big Band Jazz. Matthew's writes in a style that is joyful, exuberant, and imaginative. A unique take on Big Band Jazz. Next Generation Big Band Music.

The Exchange


An original Album by Innercourt Worship. Matthew's song is "Dance With Him" is joyful song about the Resurrection of Jesus. Inspired by the Earth, Wind, and Fire sound.

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Matthew did the brass work on this song from Breach and Bellow. Recorded at Blasting Room.

Music Videos

Dance of the Leaves

The Colors of Fall

A very exciting Latin Jazz tune I composed after discovering the En-sen Scale! Enjoy the colors of Fall as they swirl and dance to the music!

Big Band Composing & Arranging Reel

Just For Kicks Big Band Jazz

Here's is my Composing & Arranging Reel. It's been such an honor to perform and compose for Just For Kicks Big Band Jazz. The band is based out of Ft. Collins group - What a great group of people!


Improvised Music Video

My first Improvised Music Video, and one of my first attempts at multi-camera angles! Dude, I think one of the angles was 640p camera! Wow, how technology changes fast!

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Longmont's Theme

This tune was inspired by my city - Longmont.

The Spirit Fruit Suite - Part I

A Night of Jazz

Spirit Fruit a Night of Jazz was inspired by Galatians 5.

Spirit Fruit Part II

A Night of Jazz

This is the 2nd highlight reel of the Spirit Fruit Concert.

Legend of the Thunderbirds

Live in Estes Park

Just For Kicks Big Band Jazz performing Matthew's Legend of the The Thunderbirds live in Estes Park, Colorado.

Original Concert - Big Band Highlight Reel

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Just For Kicks Big Band

Flight of the Toucans

Production Blog

Matthew takes you through the process of composing, rehearsing and then finally - performing live at the Estes Park Big Band Festival!

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