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Musical Superheroes Book.png
Musical Superheroes! $12.95

Imagine a world where musicians have magical powers...

Watercolors Art Book.jpg

Drawn to a primary color palette, Matthew loves to use vibrant colors to express a sense of joy, wonder, and exuberance both in his artwork as well as in his music. Watercolors: Volume 1 is a compilation of his earlier period of watercolors. 

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~ Art as Matthew ~.jpg

~Art~ as Matthew is a collection of Matthew's "Colorful Animal" Series. These illustrations represent Matthew's fascination for animals and drawing and eye for bright, his trademark bright, happy primary colors palette. Created pixel by pixel in Microsoft Paint, you are sure to enjoy this vibrant collection fo colorful animals!

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Out Now!

The third art book in the Matthew Spencer Art collection!

It's a collection of Matthew's acrylics, sculpture, photography and more! (...Matthew loves dinosaurs!)

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Available NOW!

The Adventures of Captain Go Forth and his trusty Co-Pilot Ralph the Dog!

Join them in this exciting coloring book as they obey Jesus' command to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!" (BUY NOW)

Christmas Awakens Music Book Cover.jpg
Christmas Awakens - Music Book ($19.99)

An original musical Christmas cantata by Matthew James Spencer. Inspired by when a people turn to Christ in repentance, Christmas awakens and brings much light and creativity!


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