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Kilt Heart

A Group of kilted-Celtic Warriors square off against a dastardly foe! The Spencers brothers team up on this triumphant short film set in a fictional universe.

Directed by Joshua Spencer

Wind (A 4k Short Film)

Inspired by a beautiful Memorial day in the backyard. Chimes, Wind, a Rocking Chair.

Simple. Natural.

The Adventures of James & The Better Bachelor Bureau™  (DVD) - $9.99


Four guys? One house? A mysterious benefactor? Project X...? Ok, what’s really going on? Welcome to The Better Bachelor Bureau™! The BBB follows the adventures (or misadventures) of James and his motley crew of “bachelors” (Ed, “P”, and “Biff”) who live together in a mysterious place known as the Better Bachelor Bureau™ (an establishment formed for the betterment of the everyday bachelor). The BBB is a cartoony live-action show family fun for all! You’re sure to enjoy it! On this DVD, you will find Matthew Spencer’s very first directing credit. The series was created by Matthew Spencer and Greg Koltz, and was originally envisioned as a “webisode” series.



Check out Matthew's YouTube Channel: "Wheatland Studios"

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