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Matthew Spencer

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Welcome to the Message & Talks page! Here you will find a library of Matthew's Messages and talks.


The Holy Spirit is shaking the Church! Jesus will be glorified.

His bride will be ready. We will be SALT and light again to the nations.

The Harvest will be reaped. The sick will be healed. The dead will be raised. Demons will be cast out! The church will speak in other tongues once again. It's time for the 3rd Great Awakening of the American Church!

Messages Library

No Suffering, No Authority Cover.jpg

"No Suffering, No Authority"

By Matthew Spencer

Domine Quo Vadis_.jpg

Domine, Quo Vadis? Peter asked the Lord, Lord where are you going?

The Healing Room - Sessions

Over 100 Episodes of The Healing Room!

Build your faith for the healing you need from God - spirit, soul, and body!

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Discipleship Wednesdays
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