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Project Portfolio

Here you will find a full list of Matthew's and Wheatland Studios' work and project history.

Discography & Concerts


Matthew Spence JAZZ #2: Gaining Ground (Album,

in Post-Production 2018)

Jesus My King & Brother (Album 2018)

Son of the Highest: A Christmas Musical by Patty Spencer (Concert, 2017)

Breach & Bellow - "All I Want" - Brass

Matthew Spencer JAZZ #1 (EP Album 2017)

Escape from the Desert (Live Concert, 2016)

Just For Kicks Big Band Jazz Album (2014?)

Rock Band (Gary W. 2015?)

The JFK Big Band: Featuring Matthew Spencer Originals (Live Concert, 2013)

Tell Me Again (Rock Album 2009)


The Exchange (Album 2009)

Ever Closer by Patty Spencer (Album, 2008)


The Spirit Fruit Suite: a Night of Jazz (Concert 2009)

Paper Cut by Josiah's Mirror (early 2000s)

The Quintessential Side (Album, early 2000s)

Raw Cut (Album, early 2000s)

Art Projects & Shows

Matthew has been involved in Inner Court Creative Art Gallery and Christian Arts Ministry since its founding in 2012. A member of the ICC Board, he helped launch and has overseen the monthly operations, art openings, and special events of the ICC Art Gallery and Arts Ministry in Downtown Longmont (a Colorado Creative District). Several years Matthew initiated "Year Themes" to help direct the creative direction for the year. 

ICC 2018: Art Shows & Events

ICC 2017: Art Shows & Events

ICC 2016: Art Shows & Events

Escape from the Desert: Live Concert (2016)

Escape from the Desert: Art Show (2016)

ICC 2015: A World On Fire (2015)

- The Shields of the Earth (2015)

ICC 2014: Creation Week Year (2014)

- Mokele-Mbembe (2015?)

Dinosaurs (2015?)

-Triceratops (full-sized 7' long skull sculpture)

ICC 2013: A Year Celebrating the Life & Legacy of C.S. Lewis (2013)

Escape from the Desert: Live Experience (2013)

Dino Adventure Days I, II, and III

Virtual Gallery #1 (2015)

Café Luna: Spencer Family Art Show (2010?)

- This is where it all began.

The Apple of His Eye (Digital Art, 2009)

Client Work - Graphic Design

Matthew is a talented graphic designer as well as composer and artist. Here is gallery of some of his logos and design work. Matthew has been the in-house Graphic Designer for Christ Church International.

Peak Conditioning & Fitness - Logo

Christ Church International - Design & Logos

Inner Court Creative - Design & Logo

Logo Gallery

Filmography & Videography

Moonrise (Music Video, 201?)

Longmont's Theme (Music Video, 2016)

Dance of the Leaves (Music Video, 201?)


In the Bush (Animated Short Film, 2016)


The President of Colorado (Collection of Short Films, 2016)


Stan Knows: America's Anchor Man (Short film collections, 2016, 2017)

Virtual Gallery #1 (2015)

Kilt Heart (Short Film, 2014)

Regen Deutschland (YouTube Series in Germany, 2013)


Regen Colorado (YouTube Series in Colorado, 2014)

David Newton: Space & Spirit Art Special (20--)

Choose People Animation (2012) - Score for Choose People's Commercial

Awaken Colorado (Faith YouTube Series, 201?)

Trumpet Commandos 1 & 2 (Short Films, 2009)

The Better Bachelor Bureau 1 & 2 (Collection of Short films & short Webisode character Spots, 2009)

Chaos III: the Treasure of Time II (Short Film, 2008)

Chaos I & II (early 2000s, 2006)

The School Wars Trilogy (I, II & III) (2003)

A Variety of Childhood & Teenage Shortfilms (early 2000s)

Live Productions & Events

The Matthew Spencer Show Live! Season 1 (2016)


The Matthew Spencer Show Live! Season 2 (2017)



Watercolors: The Art of Matthew Spencer (2018)

The Matthew Spencer Show Highlights (2017)

Escape from the Desert Highlights (2016)

Wheatland Studios: Production Story #1 (2014)

Inner Court Creative 2014

Inner Court Creative 2012-Present




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