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If you want to become an uncommon leader, by very definition, you've got to think differently and do differently than most everyone else around you. 

Have you ever stopped to think...what kind of leader do I want to be? What kind of work do I want to do?

An uncommon leader is not just some one in charge or leading or managing an organization. An uncommon leader is someone in that 1% of leaders.

I'm not claiming to be an "uncommon" leader, you've got to prove that over time...but consider it a mentality, a way of thinking about leadership...a leadership philosophy. 

Here's some points:

  • Thinks and Imagines 10x Bigger.

  • Defines his own work and the work of his organization by the priority of his vision NOT by necessity of life or the seemingly urgent.

  • Prioritizes Impact outside of his own organization and clan.

  • Thinks in terms of the Larger Tribe.

  • Influences, Initiates, and Gathers other leaders.

  • Raises his own peer level.

  • Projects Presence Regionally.

  • Be Present - Ministry of Presence. If you're not, others will be...

  • Take a Stand. People don't follow moderates. They want someone who has a strong opinion.

  • Double Down. On you. Double down on the authority of God's Word.

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